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thank you for joining us. i'm jessica doyle. we begin with breaking news coming out of rockville. a water main break has closed lock heed drive. the main itself is on south lawn near -- south lawn lane
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near east goudy drive. we have tried to find out if it's the company's main and if it is how long repairs are expected to take. 67 million people are expected to hit the stores today in what's become a post- thanksgiving tradition. delia goncalves starts our black friday coverage from westfield montgomery mall. >> i'm a black friday devotee. >> because i love shopping. >> i look forward to black friday all year. >> reporter: the faithful and frugal flocked to westfield montgomery on hunt for some black friday door busters. >> and so i rushed like right to the sale rack because everything on sale was 50% off. so the sale rack was -- >> once you got in it's mad crazy and everyone is running around. >> i sort of planned it out beforehand by looking at the websites. >> pretty good deals the clothing stores. >> reporter: many of the stores in fact got a jump-start on the national trend opening early thanksgiving day. this shopper thinks the so-
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called gray thursday is a good idea. >> it's a lot easier to get through the crowd. so it's not much of a hassle. >> when your friends are camped out, what time did you get here? it looks like it's been a long night for you all. >> we got here 11:42. >> reporter: in case you need a little pick me up during the holiday shop westfield has your -- shopping westfield has cur answer. >> they are a cast of elves and you will see them out in the mall and they will be delivering random acts of magic to shoppers. everything to giving them a gift card to buying someone's cup of coffee. ♪ >> reporter: at westfield montgomery, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> over in virginia, early shoppers at the fashion center at pentagon city were treated to what the mall was calling a shopping survival bag. it included some shoe polish, free samples, gifts. some snacks, hand sanitizer and a candy cane. but for all the joint fun of the season there was still
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some tension moments out -- tense moments out there this morning. shoppers waiting to get into the brand smart usa in west palm beach, florida got a little rowdy and police were also called to a wal-mart near san bernardino, california after shoppers started fighting inside. today protestors are planning to turn out itself wal- marts across the country calling for better pay, fair schedules and affordable health care. some are also speaking out against the company's decision to be open on thanksgiving. but wal-mart's ceo says not so fast. >> we've been open on thanksgiving for -- since the mid '80s really. we're a service industry like hotels and airlines and when customer want to shop, you know we're open and that's what we do. and we've been doing that for quite some time. >> bill simons says more than 22 million people turned out to shop at wal-marts last night. it's one of several stores that opened yesterday. you can join the big debate
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on whether stores should have been open on thanksgiving at wusa9 is teaming one volunteer -- up with volunteers of america to give joy this season. i'll let jan jeffcoat explain. >> reporter: 'tis the season of joy right? let's give joy. hi, i'm jan jeffcoat from wusa9. and i'd love for you to join me, join all of us for our first ever virtual toy drive. it's actually a joy drive. right now, one out of every four d.c. area kids won't have much of a holiday. so we've partnered with volunteers of america and now you can give those kids a joyful holiday with just one click. so here's how it works. click on the tab right here and with one more click, you can send a child a toy from the wish list. click on this tab and you can give a donation and direct exactly with you'd like it to -- where you'd like it to go. or just give joy by sending a holiday message click on this
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tab. see? just click to give joy. won't you join us? but if the old-fashioned brick and mortar method is still more your style. check out before you set out. we have maps of some local stores and inventory lists to help you plan ahead. in today's affordable care act checkup, we're looking ahead to tomorrow's deadline for's website to be fixed. as danielle nottingham reports, even though technicians have been working around the clock, there are still concerns another swell of potential customers could just mean more problems. >> reporter: the team of software technicians brought in to increase's capacity has been working around the clock. president obama wants the website fixed by saturday. white house officials say the site can now handle 50,000 people at once. but they're worried a surge of customers over that number could cause more problems. >> they have the right people. the people have confidence that
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they're going to get it done. >> reporter: john ingate whose company specializes in e- commerce is one of several technology experts who recently attended a white house situation room briefing about the website. >> i'm betting they're going get it done. >> reporter: despite the government website problems, some companies like walgreens are using the new healthcare law as a model to ensure their employees -- insure their employees. the pharmacy chain is now turning to private exchanges. similar to the public exchanges used for the affordable care act. walgreens says its 160,000 workers now have more insurance options than ever. >> where we had who plans we'll -- two plans we'll now have five plans with five carriers, we have over 25 choices we're going to provide to give them that flexibility. >> reporter: a walgreens told cbs news every major employer in the u.s. is looking at private insurance exchanges as an option.
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danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> the obama administration says it will release an update on enrollment numbers for in mid-december. prince george's county police are investigating a deadly shooting overnight in hyattsville. it happened in the 3700 block of west street not far from where the beltway meets route 50. sky 9 was over the scene this morning. we'll be following this story for you throughout the day and we'll be bringing you more starting on on wusa9 news at 6:00. police in baltimore are trying to unravel how the man named d.c.'s national air guardsman airman of the career died. airman first class evan curbeam's body was found in the inner harbor on wednesday but police didn't identify him until yesterday. curbeam has been missing since going out with friends in fell's point over the weekend. today, a top u.s. military commander apologized for the drone strike that apparently killed a child in afghanistan
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overnight. as lucy mcdonald reports, the attack could heighten the standoff over the pullout of u.s. troops. >> reporter: the drones' target was a taliban militant in southern afghanistan but an afghan official says the strike also killed a 2-year-old child. afghan president hamid karzai says the killing shows the u.s. doesn't respect the lives of afghan civilians. a general called karzai to express his deep regret but no sooner had a coalition launched an investigation from the u.s. but another drone attack killed an insurgent in neighboring pakistan. this could mean washington has no intention of cutting back its unmanned aircraft attacks despite pressure from karzai. it's one of the reasons he's refusing to sign a long delayed security agreement with america over a timetable for withdrawing u.s. troops. if a deal isn't struck all u.s. forces could be pulled out of afghanistan at the end of next
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year. lucy mcdonald, for cbs news. still ahead, a heads-up to help you avoid a ticket in d.c. next week. >> but first, it's not new video of a crater on the moon. we'll tell you what's -- what left this hole in missouri th
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look at that powerful home video from missouri this morning where a natural gas pipeline exploded. no one was injured but some residents were evacuated as a precaution. seven buildings on the nearby farm were destroyed and that blast left a decent sized crater in the ground. we've been showing you pictures of that. it took firefighterrings about two hours to -- firefighters about two hours to put out all the flames. very dramatic. the district is getting
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ready to start running streetcars along h. street in northeast. and after a few weeks of warnings, that means real tickets for people who park outside the white lines or double park. those real tickets will start being handed out on monday. the streetcars are expected to start running early next year. and remember, all the debate over food truck regulations in the city, well monday marks the start of a new plan to try and spread the wealth. 95 spaces and eight locations are being reserved for specific vendors. guess which trucks get which spaces are being decided through a lottery. food trucks who haven't signed up won't be left out but they have to set up at least 200 feet away from the designated areas and pay any parking meters. imagine having to make a food delivery to this place. still to come, we're taking you to a local residential compound built out of love for the u.s. of a.. olga? >> well the temperatures aren't so bad if you're in the sunshine.
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but we are in a chill today. it's going to last into part of the weekend and i'll let you know when we'll fina
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back now with a holiday display that runs for miles. literally. the grand prairie lights display in texas includes four million lights. people can drive through the two mile display, stop for food and stop for rides.
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and even visit santa along the way. plenty of people head out over the next few days to set up their tree for the holidays including the first family. michelle obama welcomed the official white house christmas tree to the executive mansion today. the 18.5-foot fir will be set up in the blue room and it was grown in pennsylvania. frank islam and his wife debbie are spending their first thanksgiving in their new home. it's been six years in the making. and as andrea roane reports, it's no ordinary house. it is the largest residential compound recently built in the d.c. area designed out of frank and debbie's love for america. >> reporter: this is norton manor in potomac, maryland. >> welcome to our house. >> welcome to hour home. >> reporter: this is debbie and frank islam. the creators of this magnificent space. ♪ >> the total -- square footage
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is about 47,000 square feet. >> reporter: frank and debbie built their home along with a guest house and tea house as a tribute to their adoptive country. both come from humble beginnings. debbie the daughter of a canadian mechanic and frank the son of an indian farmer. together, here in the united states, frank and debbie made their fortune in information technology. >> we've been so blessed. that it would be a shame if we didn't give it back. >> reporter: norton manor is not only their home, it's also where frank and debbie host fundraisers for politicians and philanthropic causes. >> this is my library. >> reporter: u.s. presidential memorabilia is everywhere. the desk in his library is a replica of the one in the white house oval office. >> this is the seal of thpresident of the united states -- the president of the united states. ♪ >> reporter: the grant foyer has a domed ceiling that reminds you of the one in the
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capitol rotunda or statuary hall. there are also hand painted murals depicting maryland landscapes and downstairs in the art deco entertainment area, there are murals of washington landmarks. >> i think it's very much a showcase for artists. we had six different companies work in the house. we have an extremely talented glass artist do a lot of lighting and sculptures for us. >> reporter: the compound sits on nine manicured acres. there's a 2,000 square foot koi pond and outfront, a reflecting pool greets visitors. >> america has provided a land of opportunity for us to succeed. america is a city on a hill. we must also consider all the eyes that are upon us. you can inspire and you can do a lot of things and you can renew, realize and achieve your dreams. >> reporter: andrea roane, wusa9.
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>> i don't want even to think about how much that cost to build. andrea tells us the manor has 14 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, a movie theater, 60 chandeliers never mind the number of kitchens. the last electric bill. $5,000. that's the electric bill. but the place is considered green with a geothermal well and an elaborate solar system. i know that's what your place looks like olga? >> they're keeping it a little bit green though at least i hope and helping out the environment along if way. we -- the way. i wish we would get help from the sun this afternoon. but unfortunately with the winds coming in, we're still seeing that chill in and around the area. grab the sunglasses though out and about into the afternoon and evening hours and let's take a look outside at our michael & son weather camera and it's not so bad. just don't get too close to the water there's some breezes pulling on shore here. and we're definitely seeing some cool chill into the afternoon. the day planner is keeping the
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sunshine around. through midday and early afternoon. i think we move on through the 30s and most of us should peak right around the lower range 40s by early afternoon. but as soon as the sun sets the temperatures are going to plummet. we have mainly clear skies going into 5:00. and as we head into the overnight temperatures dropping once again down into the 20s. so yes a very chilly start to your saturday morning. here's how we're looking overall. it will remain chilly for today. and for tomorrow. we're going to keep some of that sunshine around and then build in some cloud cover later on in the afternoon but don't expect the temperatures to budge. things will adjust a little bit as we get into sunday. we'll see a little milder air start to creep on through ask then the weekend and the -- and then the weekend in the south you can expect it to stay dry at least into the middle of next workweek. temperatures this morning the teens and 20s. much improvements this noontime as most of us are now peaking into the lower range 40s. this is pretty much where we're going to be for the remainder of the afternoon.
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some steady temperatures going into late day. right now 43 at reagan national airport. our winds have shifted. they're mainly out of the north and northwest that's partially responsible for keeping us in the chill. also is that high pressure system off new england. it's doing a couple of things, it's keeping the sunshine with us for today which is a good thing. but it's also keeping the cold air in place. it's not having the opportunity to budge off because of that high pressure system blocking it. into tomorrow, though, we can expect to see plenty of sunshine starting you off on saturday morning. so no problems with your plans there. into the afternoon, saturday, we could build in a little bit of cloud cover starting from west to east. but i think most of us keep the clouds away until about midnight on saturday. the offshore low pressure system is coming on through but that's only going to give us the opportunity for rain offshore. cold temperaturefor tonight. for tomorrow, though, things will be about the same. we'll stay in the groan through saturday. -- green through saturday. sunday an improvement as temperatures hit close to the 50-degree mark. overall, it looks like the seven day forecast is going to be an improving one with milder
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temperatures on the way. but we'll have to wait until next week. stick around, we'll be back soon with some more news at noon. [ male announcer ] now's the time to give yourself
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to give yourself the ultimate technology gift today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v so we have those big heavy meals yesterday. how about something a little light with a flavors of the season? the man with the plan is here. chef joe with dolce velloci in fairfax. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> what are you making for us? >> we're going to do something a little light here. we're going to have the seared scallops with acorn squash. basically going to start with the corn to that. bake it in sauce and then we scoop it out and we blend a little oil and a little butter and a little bit of lemon juice
12:26 pm
to make this. >> that sounds amazing. >> once this is done then of course we can you know finish the -- the operation here. okay. >> well take it away. what are you going to do first? >> well -- i already took the opportunity to kind of preheat everything and i will show you how you know they're made. these are fresh scallops. what we going to do is just put a little pepper and lemon zest to kind of season them. and the reason why i start ahead of time is these have time to smoke a little bit. therefore already -- started the first batch. once these are done we can put them inside the pan. and sear them. once those are done, then very easily we can spread the puree. a little bit on the plate. and we can -- these are done already so we can prepare these.
12:27 pm
>> beautiful. >> and to finish them off. we have some -- fry ahead of time. there you go. >> that's gorgeous. >> and then, we can -- this is balsamic reduction. which we make. it's a raspberry balsam exand we can just decorate a little bit if you like. where you can actually -- and eat it. and voila. >> tell us one last time where your restaurant is located. >> well, we have two restaurants, they're both in fairfax on fairfax boulevard. >> well, thank you so much for coming in and cooking for us. >> thank you for having us. >> absolutely beautiful. and that of course does it for us. it's 9news now at noon. we are back at 6:00 this evening and of course you can check us out anytime. anytime of day. we are always on. and chef have a great weekend everybody. >> thank you very much for having us. thank you. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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>> [ sighs ] hi. my name is jess walton. and today on "the young and the restless," we're gonna do something just a little bit different. we've gathered some friends and some family, and we're gonna reminisce and celebrate the incredible life that belonged to our dear friend jeannie cooper, who, as you may know, passed away on may the 8th at the age of 84. for 40 years, she played katherine chancellor, and this was her set. this was the chancellor living room, where she bedeviled me. she was an amazing, amazing woman. she was a powerful actress and inventive and brave. she was a very loving mother,
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